Virtual Office Service in Sheffield

10th August 2018

Aizlewood Business Centre has been providing virtual services to customers for over 20 years.  Currently our address is used by 55 companies  and 17 companies use our telephone answering service.  A virtual office service can help businesses in many ways, you may currently work from home or be a remote worker.  A start up business can use our address to register with Companies House instead of their home address; this also gives the impression of a professional address to any prospective clients or customers.  A business in any other area of the country may wish to have a Sheffield address for specific customers and of course there is always somebody in during office hours to receive mail and small deliveries.  Any virtual mail address customer can register up to 3 different names on the account, so if you have more than 1 company this doesn’t require another account to be set up.  We understand that starting up a business is a big undertaking so our little prices of only £20 + VAT per month for standard mail collection can really help you on the road to success.  Some of our virtual tenants have also grown so much that they now rent one of our offices – another bonus of this is that they didn’t even need to change their address!  Collecting mail from our reception couldn’t be easier; there is a free car park right in front of the reception area, so you can just park up and pop into reception. 


Using Aizlewood Business Centre for your Telephone Answering Service is fast and easy to set up.  We will give you a Sheffield DDI number and then what you do with it is up to you.  We can answer in your company name and take messages; you can have the Sheffield number diverted to any other number, either mobile or a different landline number.  Telephone Answering SheffieldWhen we take messages we e-mail the message straight on to you.  After hours voicemail can be set up which you can have remote access to, or we can divert to any other number for you and then divert the number back to us during office hours.  Telephone answering is only £40 + VAT per month and the first 20 messages are free of charge, any other messages are charged at 35p each.  A cheap and easy solution to getting your business calls answered by a human instead of a machine and we also give your company a more professional feel as there are 6 of us here to answer calls, making your staff seem bigger too.


As a virtual customer if you ever need to have a face to face meeting with your customers you can hire one of our meeting rooms, seating from 6 – 40.  Meeting Room SheffieldBeing at the same address as your postal address is also a big positive if you are using our virtual address and then use one of our meeting rooms.   Prices for these rooms start from as little as £8.00 + VAT per hour.  With our large free car park for all visitors to Aizlewood Business Centre we are confident we are the best value small meeting rooms in Sheffield.



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